Snorkel Tour

Starting with equipment fitting you’ll have the opportunity to snorkel at a couple of different sites at the Catalina Islands. Each water session is around 40mins in length. Groups enter the water after finding the most suitable place to get in and follow the rock formations along looking for sharks, rays, angelfish, butterfly fish, varied species of pufferfish and schools of jacks and grunts.

Other frequently seen species include Spotted Eagle Rays, Blue Sea Stars, whales, dolphins, turtles, and many more! Plus, you will witness  a variety of sea birds and a coastline that is only accessible by boat.

Maybe you’ll be lucky enough to see one of our beautiful sea-stars too – The adventure awaits! Vamos!

Other important information

  • Flotation devices are available for all onboard. Please take into account there is no beach or rocks you can access, you will be in water too deep to stand in during the tours.
  • Pick up times vary depending on your location but usually around 6:30 am.




Pick-up time: 6:30 AM TAMARINDO AREA
Duration: 4-5 hours

Includes: All snorkeling equipment is included as well as guides. Transportation is also included (from selected hotels) and refreshments (water, iced tea, fruit, and cookies).

What to bring:

Please bring towels, cameras (plenty of dry space is available onboard), Credit card or cash for payment, cash for tips or extra services (see below), sunscreen and/or a sunhat.


$95 per person + tax

(includes round-trip transportation)

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